Custom Cut Corbels

Corbel patterns and sizes are nearly endless, so all corbel orders are custom cut. Our standard Southwest styles include Kiva and Ball Macy's, as well as a few variations of each. For examples, click here. Corbel types include singles, doubles, corner sets, T-corbels or cut onto the end of a beam. For type examples, click here. We will work with you to design a corbel to fit your particular taste, or match any existing corbel you may already have. For pricing information and estimates, please email, call or fax us. Please scroll for more sample images.

Order Of Kiva Corbels 6 X 12 Kiva Double Corbel
Order of Kiva corbels. 6 X 12 Kiva Double Corbel.

8 X 12 Ball Macy Single Corbel Custom on 10 X 12 Beam
8 X 12 Ball Macy Single Corbel. Custom corbel on 10 X 12 beam.

Ball Macy Angled Corner Corbel Order of Kiva Corbels
Ball Macy Angled Corner Corbel. Order of Kiva corbels.

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