Animal Bedding

We now offer baled shavings. Our bales are made in Santa Fe from timber harvested in New Mexico according to the sustainable Forest Stewardship Program. Large 4 cubic foot bags are a bargain at $10 each. As always, bulk shavings are also in stock.

Wood shavings and sawdust can make your job much easier whether you are trying to keep an entire stable clean, a single stall or a dog house. We offer coarse shavings from our bulk log shaver as well as finer sawdust from our bandmill. To decide how much bedding you will need, use our coverage estimator.No need to call first, our bedding is always available. Please scroll for more sample images.

Shavings Bale Shavings
Shavings bales. Shavings.

Shavings Close-up Sawdust
Shavings close-up. Sawdust.

Sawdust Close-up
Sawdust close-up.

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